Vision statements from Frontiers in Correlated Matter

Each of the participants was invited to provide a one-page, vision statement, listing the major open questions in the speaker’s area of correlated matter, and where the big challenges lie. The following are the draft versions of these statements.

G. Whitesides:

"Synthesis: From Molecules to Complexity”
Z. Fisk

"Applying f-electron Physics"
P. Pincus

Electrodynamics in soft matter and biophysics
G. Lonzarich

“First and second order Ferromagnetic quantum phase transitions”
P. Chaikin

 "Packings, Jammings, Correlations and Entropies in Condensed Matter and Candy"
H.   Stone

"Complex  Fluids"
P. Wolynes

“Disciplined Disorder and Disordered Disciplines: Themes in the emerging Science of Matter” (word version)
P. Bouchaud

Vision: Why don't glasses flow?
T. Witten

“Solidity, liquidity and energy focusing”

Q: How do singularities form in collective matter and in spacetime?

J. Schmalian

“Are there gels in the quantum world?”

R. Goldstein

"Large-Scale Coherence in Bacterial  Dynamics".

D. Weitz

Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics of Living Cells
M. Sarachik

Strongly interacting electrons in 2D in the absence of magnetic field: Fermi liquid? New phases ?

D. Scalapino

“Numerical studies of the cuprate problem”

R. Laughlin J. Gollub

 The Dynamics of Granular Flows

(Vision statement)

S. Davis

"The Fourth State"
G. Kotliar

"Strongly correlated electrons: a dynamical mean field perspective"

M. Cohen

"World Year of Physics: where is Physics going ?
-  The standard model for Solids"

M. Brenner

"Some questions in optimal design"
H. Alloul

"Experiments on correlated electron matter: their seminal role, their  importance for education : innovation versus engeneering" 

L. Greene

"Unconventional  superconductors: Playgrounds for broken symmetries"


M. Cates

"Landscape and Memory"     

  Vision   talk
F. Steglich

 "Experimental studies of quantum critical phenomena in heavy electron metals"  Vision

P. W. Anderson

"Some major open questions worthy of discussion"
P. Coleman

Debating the frontier